A Storage Container Rental Makes It Easier To Clean, Declutter, And Remodel Your Home

Posted on: 11 April 2022


If you're planning to do some light remodeling and cleaning of your home, look into storage container rentals so you'll have a place to move furniture and belongings so they're out of the way. When you have a rented unit in your driveway, your things will be nearby in case you need something, but they'll be out of the house and out of your way. Here are things to know.

Check With Your City About Time Limits

Learn the regulations your city has about storage container rentals. There might be a time limit for how long you can keep a storage unit on your driveway. If you'll need a unit longer than what is allowed, talk to the storage container rental company about the possibility of placing the container in your backyard instead if your backyard has alley access and your city allows it.

Plan How To Use The Storage Container

Before you bring the container home, plan how you'll use it so you get the most benefit. You might want to transfer a room at a time, furniture and all. If so, toss all clutter and trash so the container is only used for things you'll return to the room after you're finished working on it. Having a plan keeps things you put in the container to a minimum and it helps you stay organized so you know where everything is. You may even want to sort and declutter before you rent the container so you can work faster and get rid of the container quicker.

Consider If You'll Want Long-Term Storage

Once you get your home decluttered, you may not want to drag a bunch of clutter back into it. If you love your new minimal lifestyle, you might want a long-term storage solution. Some storage containers can be filled up and moved to a storage facility so you can get the container out of your yard. This may appeal to you, or you might want to keep the container for the long term in your backyard and use it as a storage shed until you've gotten rid of all your clutter.

Buy A Good Lock

Even though the storage container rental will be on your property and close to your home, you want an excellent lock for it. It may be tempting for vandals and thieves to see a storage container with easy access. Talk to a locksmith about the right kind of lock for the container that is difficult to cut off or open so you don't have to worry about the security of your belongings when they're stored in the container. 

For more information, contact a company that offers storage container rentals