Should You Get A Dumpster Rental Or Contract A Junk Removal Company?

Posted on: 20 September 2021


Renovations, estate clean-outs, and other home or business-related projects leave a lot of waste that needs proper management. When dealing with waste, the two main alternatives to help with waste management are hiring a dumpster rental or contracting a junk removal company. Which should you choose and why?

The Difference Between the Two

Although both services aim to offer you an effortless way to dump waste, they have their differences, the main difference being labor. For a dumpster rental, you're responsible for disposing of the waste, while in junk hauling, the company comes with its crew to collect the waste on your behalf.

Another distinction is that you get to decide on an appropriate dumpster size when getting a rental, depending on your needs. In comparison, a junk removal provider will bring a dumpster and their staff to handle the heavy lifting.

Cost Comparison

The main difference between the two services impacts the cost. Dumpster rentals tend to be cheaper as the charges depend on your renting needs, like the size of the dumpster. Other factors influencing dumpster rental costs are your current location due to dropping and picking and the preferred renting duration.

On the other hand, junk removal comprises labor and costs more than renting a dumpster. Thus, the cost will include the company driving to your location and details of the service you would like.

Why a Dumpster Rental Is a Better Alternative

First, renting out a dumpster is cheaper than hiring a junk hauling company that charges per trip. So, if the waste is a lot, you'll pay significantly more. Also, dumpsters are versatile as they're available in different sizes.

Second, a dumpster rental is more reliable and convenient as it fits your schedule. You'll choose when and how long you would like to rent it, making it suitable for prolonged projects. When it comes to junk removal, the availability of the service depends on the availability of the crew.

Third, dumpsters are more environmentally friendly. Since a junk removal company trucks may take numerous trips to empty the waste, the trucks will be emitting a lot of carbon footprint compared to a company coming to your location once to pick up a full dumpster.

Lastly, dumpsters are safer as you choose where you would like them placed. Also, it enables a clean and safe workspace compared to junk hauling, where you might need to assemble all the waste in one location as you wait for the crew to arrive. Sometimes, the waste can be hazardous, and exposing it could cause safety concerns.

When choosing between renting a dumpster and seeking a junk removal service, always choose a dumpster rental. It's cost-effective, safe, environmentally friendly, and more reliable.

Reach out to a local waste management company to learn more.