Estate Sales, Dumpster Style

Posted on: 8 April 2018


You have heard about estate sales. You have heard about "stuff the bag" sales. You probably have not heard about estate sales, dumpster style. That is because it is a fairly new concept, one which may or may not catch on. However, it does simplify the distribution and sale of goods of one's estate after one has passed away or can no longer afford to keep living in the same house/on the same property. Here is how this approach looks and works.

Only and Always Clean Dumpsters

Perfectly clean and perfectly sanitized dumpsters are used. Into these dumpsters, you can toss a ton of clothes and shoes, or you can neatly arrange the contents of a single room in the house. Regardless of how and what you place in each dumpster, the contents are ready for viewing and ready for auction in a very clean container, the length and width of most large garages.

Auctioning Dumpster Contents

Here is where this process gets really good. If you opt to auction off the estate's worldly goods, each rented dumpster receives a bin number. The auctioneer announces the bins by number as they come up. Bidders, who have already had a chance to view what is in each dumpster bin, bid on the dumpster whose contents they want. If they win, they pay the winning bid, as well as the dumpster rental fee and delivery fee.

The Winners Get Their Dumpsters Delivered

Rather than having to bring a truck and load everything into it from the dumpster, the winners are required to pay a delivery fee. The delivery fee covers the delivery of the dumpster to his/her home, where it can be unloaded. Then the dumpster company picks up the empty bin and moves on to the next estate sale or auction. The only catch is that the winning bidder refrains from keeping the dumpster bin for more than a day. The bin has to be completely unloaded on the day of delivery.

Alternative Option

Instead of auctioning off the contents of each dumpster, you could also stage each dumpster as a "room" outside. Then sell off the contents of the dumpsters, little by little. The dumpsters act as "stores" where estate sale shoppers can browse what is available, select what they want, and make the purchase from the person handling the sales transactions. If an estate sale shopper wants to buy all or most of the contents in a bin, he/she can also choose to have the dumpster company deliver the goods.

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