3 Situations When Renting A Trash Compactor Would Be Ideal For Your Place Of Business

Posted on: 8 July 2017


If there is one thing you cannot get away from, whether you own a retail business, restaurant, or manufacturing company, it is trash. You probably spend a great deal of time dealing with trash as part of your daily work flow and worrying about eliminating trash in the proper way. A trash compactor can definitely be one of the most useful pieces of equipment you can have, but most business owners have no idea that trash compactors can actually be rented when needed. Take a look at the three situations when renting a trash compactor would be an incredibly useful idea for your business operation. 

The trash compactor you currently have is down for maintenance. 

When maintained properly, a good trash compactor will last for quite a few years without failure. However, on occasion, these units do have to face downtime so they can be repaired by a professional, which can be a huge problem when you are used to having the compactor around. Renting a trash compactor will give you the chance to stay functional without it being a huge deal when the trash compactor you have now is having problems or needs to be replaced. 

You need to determine if a trash compactor would be a wise investment for your company. 

Perhaps you have been toying with the idea of buying a trash compactor for your business for a while, but you are struggling to determine if doing so would be the best decision or the best investment. Having the ability to rent a trash compactor on a temporary basis will give you the chance to try out the equipment to figure out how well the setup would work for your business practices. If the system proves to be beneficial, you can simply return the compactor and purchase one of your own or in some cases, rental companies will also have compactors for sale. 

You are facing a sudden change in the amount of trash you have and need a temporary solution. 

Say for example you own a retail store and are planning for a larger than usual sales event that will require a massive uptick in shelf stocking over the course of a few days. In these types of situations, the amount of trash you have can all but take over your backroom, so renting a trash compactor temporarily would be a great idea. You can just rent a compactor until the specific change in work flow has concluded.