Answers To Your Dumpster Rental Questions

Posted on: 18 November 2016


A residential remodeling project will likely result in a lot of trash. If you're going the DIY route, you will have two options for dealing with the waste – either plan to make regular trips to the dump or rent a dumpster for the duration of the project. If you are considering the dumpster route, the following can answer some of your questions about the process.

Are there any permit requirements for dumpster rental?

This varies by municipality. The dumpster rental company will likely know the legal requirements of your rental and can advise you on any paperwork you need to file. Alternatively, you can contact your city clerk for this information. There may also be rules on the dumpster size and where it can be placed, including whether it's okay to leave it on the street. These rules can be dictated by the city or by your homeowner's association.

How are dumpsters priced?

There is typically a base rental fee that is for the size of the dumpster you order. Dumpster size is typically measured in yards. For comparison, a 10 yard dumpster is the size most commonly seen behind small gas stations and retail stores. There is also usually a weight charge. The base fee will include a certain amount of tonnage. If you go over this amount, then there will be addition fees.

Do dumpsters require protection?

Some municipalities require that even temporary dumpsters are placed within a gated fence. This means you may need to rent fencing to have a dumpster by your home. Others only require that dumpsters have a lid that can be secured closed. Even if there are no protection agreements, for safety's sake and to keep animals out, close the lid on your dumpster. Lids also keep water out of the dumpster, which helps keep the weight down so you don't have to pay an overage fee.

Can anything be thrown in the dumpster?

There are some rules on items you can throw away. As a general rule, anything deemed hazardous, such as paint, paint thinner, fertilizer, and other volatile chemicals, cannot be thrown in a regular dumpster. Your rental company may offer hazardous material removal on request, though. Some rental companies may also have rules on other specific items. For example, they may not take concrete chunks due to their weight and difficulty to dispose of.

Contact a rental company in your area for more answers on renting the dumpster you need for your project. Click here for more information.